Hair Textures

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natural straight
T color
kinky straight
yaki straight
high yaki straight
natural wave
body wave
deep body wave
water wave
big body wave
natural curl
loose curl
kinky curl
15mm curl
25mm curl
big bottom curl

Hair Textures

Does the straight hair wave up when being wet?

If it is silky straight, our answer is "Yes, it does". But after it is dry, the silky straight style will be back. The Yaki Perm Straight and Light Yaki textures do not wave up when wet.

What is Yaki Texture and what is the difference between Yaki and Silky?

Yaki texture is process we do to your wig that adds a micro kink to the hair strands to mimic Africa American people relaxed hair.
The silky straight hair texture is the natural state of the Indian Hair as it comes from the donor. It is look like the wig of ofay. If you are Caucasian, we recommend you choose silky texture.
See the Hair Texture Chart - Click Here

What is virgin remy hair?

Virgin hair is 100% natural and not under process which may cause any damage to the cuticle. We make the virgin Remy hair run in one direction with natural look and avoid of tangling. Our virgin hair is all Remy, which is soft, natural looking and long-life used. We trust that our virgin Remy hair will satisfy you.

What is the difference between Indian Remy and Chinese Remy Hair?

Indian Remy Hair is collected directly from Indian hair donor and Chinese Remy Hair is collected directly from Chinese hair donor. Indian hair is currently the best hair on the market for wigs and weaves. It comes in different textures. These include straight, curly and wavy. The Indian hair is recommended for everyone. We recommend you choose Chinese Remy hair if you want a very straight wig, that is naturally shiny, and is slightly more course.


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